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In 1989, Karl Reichley was invited to the Academy of Art in New Orleans to do a demonstration and lecture of his patina techniques. Little did he know that a historical Sculptor and Icon of the Art Deco Period sat quietly observing from the back row. Mr. Alferez was impressed with Karl's abilities and they began to work together for the next decade. The partnering of Enrique's style of sculpting and Karl's unique patinas created a combination that maintained a historical quality working from the figurative form.

Mr. Alferez's sculptures continue to be privately sold to collectors throughout the US. They have also become part of Museum Collections in Chicago, New Orleans and Mexico. In 2015, The Helis Foundation acquired many of these sculptures and proceeded to create an Homage to Enrique by developing The Alferez Botanical Sculpture Garden in City Park, New Orleans. Mr. Reichley worked closely with the Foundation to patina and restore each sculpture so that they would be of the highest standard that Alferez always required. This historical venue continues to be an attraction not only for art lovers but to all who want to experience the ultimate resting place of art and nature. 

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