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                               C R E A T E          REVIVE  &  RESTORE 

                           WITH THE        HIGHEST QUALITY 

                               THAT GOES









                   KARL REICHLEY SCULPTURE  PATINA  RESTORATION INC., Our goal is to Create, Revive and Restore

sculpture to its own pristine presence as intended by the sculptor’s vision. This is a vision that has been steadfast throughout the design process and ultimately realized in the sculpture’s final destination as part of a private or public art collection. We work closely with many esteemed sculptors collaborating on new patinas as well as restoring existing sculptures and installations. Our association as Patina Specialists to our clientele has further allowed us the opportunity to work on prominent projects and installations in the United States as well as internationally. 

    Our expertise is not only restricted to the fine art field but by working with notable Architects, Contractors and Property Developers, we  have successfully expanded to include architectural detailing in the luxury home and hospitality industries. By applying our museum quality patina skills to exterior structures and interior details such as fireplace facades, staircases and other prominent features, it enables us to accent the architects signature style by bringing fine art to the everyday living environment. While we are continuously building relationships in these categories, we also thrive by being constant contributors to the Design/Build and Manufacturing Industries.  

    Our business is based on delivering superior results for each individual client which has created long term loyalty and trust among our clientele as well as a reputation for excellence in our field. Our studio has the artistic instincts, experience and business acumen that enables us to realize our clients' projects creatively and to their complete satisfaction.                 


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