Contemporary Bronze Doors are a Dynamic Addition to the Renovation at Kohanaiki, Kona.

At over 67,000 square feet of interior and covered space, overlooking both the 18th hole and the sparkling blue Pacific, the Clubhouse at Kohanaiki, designed by world-renowned architect Shay Zak, focuses on every detail of design and construction making it both the crowning jewel of the coast and vibrant heart of the community. Working with sculptor Archie Held on patina is always a great pleasure. He works with a clientele that has a great appreciation of his contemporary fine art sculpture. Although Held's sculpture is sought after internationally, this particular project called for his ability to apply his fine art aesthetic to a functional entry design presentation. While still working with his trademark bronze, we were asked to create the patina that would elevate to the level of quality and design of the fabricated piece while still honoring the thread of contemporary sculpture. Archie‚Äôs choice of multiple textured bronze and majestic size proportion gave Karl the ultimate canvas for a superlative patina.